The proposal by Transurban and CPB-John Holland to use the Wyndham Vale stabling yard as a temporary storage facility for contaminated soil from the West Gate Tunnel project has raised serious concerns with families across Wyndham.

My priority is to the people and families of Tarneit and the wider Wyndham community who gave me the privilege of serving as their representative in the Parliament of Victoria.

I have spoken to the Minister for Transport Infrastructure, Jacinta Allan at great length regarding the situation and our community’s outrage by such a proposal by Transurban/CPB-John Holland. As your local Member I will continue to do so, advising the Minister that I expect to be kept fully informed with regular up-to-date information.

Transurban and its builder CPB-John Holland are considering a range of sites for both the temporary storage of and subsequent disposal of contaminated soil with no decision yet made. The Minister has made it clear to Transurban and its builder that any decisions they make about the soil storage must meet the expectations of our community.

I will continue to ensure your concerns are heard loud and clear, not only in Parliament and by the Minister, but importantly by Transurban and CPD-John Holland. I encourage you to continue sending me correspondence as I voice our concerns.

In solidarity,

Sarah Connolly